6 Questions Veterans Should Ask When Choosing a College

//6 Questions Veterans Should Ask When Choosing a College

6 Questions Veterans Should Ask When Choosing a College

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Most veteran students only have a maximum of 48 months of GI Bill benefits if they are eligible for two or more GI Bills; Thirty-six months if eligible for one GI Bill. With a finite number of months of entitlement, it is important to maximize their benefit.

Part of getting the most “bang for your buck” is choosing a school that will get you to your end goal – getting a respectable job in your chosen career field without racking up a lot of student loan debt. With many for-profit schools only after the almighty buck or closing as did Corinthian Colleges, it hurts to make a mistake and lose GI Bill benefits unnecessarily. Students still have not recovered any GI Bill benefits lost as a result of Corinthian’s closure.

While there are questions too numerous to cover within the scope of this column, here are six that will give you a feel for a school: